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This ministry came into being on 10th June 1977 under leadership of Dr. Dawie and Maureen Ludick.
With them were a small group of people who believed like they did and still do.
As time went by, God added those who were saved and most of the starter group and added helpers are still doing
their part in supporting Pastor Dawie and Maureen in the quest to distribute the Word of God.
Right from day one, we were aware of the blessing of the Lord on this assembly.
There were difficult times, nice times and exceptionally nice times in the Lord.
God carried us through everything, and made us appreciative of His Power, presence and leading.
We come to the conclusion everyday that we are nothing without Him and cannot function if He does not direct us.

The church building currently in use, was dedicated to the Lord in August 1998.
The testimony of how God opened doors for us to obtain this building has left everybody who heard it, dumbfounded!

The church is situated at corner of Emerald and PÍrel Streets, Silverfields Park, Krugersdorp.

Both the services conducted on a Sunday (10:00 & 18:00) as well as the midweek prayer meeting on a
Wednesday at 19:15, are well attended.

A couple of years ago, we started a dedicated handkerchief ministry, were a hanky is anointed with oil and prayed
over for a specific request.
These requests are received from through out the world ( Southern Africa, Canada, Australia, the UK, Kenia, etc.).

A lively youth ministry (Gathering on Friday evenings) as well as Sunday School on a Sunday morning, are also featured.